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ubiDOCS – release notes v 1.5.


The changelog is a legal requirement by authorities (VLAREMA). It is supposed to provide attached to the transport document a timeline that traces any change done to the document after collector signature.
The changelog is accessible on both web and mobile platforms, attached by default to the Transport Document PDF version. The Change Log is attached in annex.
Any changes or additions made to the waste transport document once it has reached the status ‘SIGNED’ by collector are recorded and frozen with the name of the person who made them, and the date and time they were made.
Changes can be made by the DRIVER through the mobile app, but also by a user of the web app.
Note that only the changes to existing data from the transport document are traced, it means that information like driver assignment won’t be traced in the changelog:

STATUS changes are reported with related state icon:

Modification to existing information is reported and identified with an icon:

Comments done by the DRIVER during the transport re reported and identified by:

The identification form as a pdf is updated and contains the last available information, the historical data can be found in the changelog.
The DRIVER is supposed to show the complete transport document upon control:

The data contained in the digital identification form and log files containing all change information are accessible to any authorized party i.e. any involved company and controlling authorities.
The changelog data must be kept for 5 years by the involved companies, this is why it has been appended to the ewaste PDF file.

2. Web /Improvement: Company selection (with city information and identification number)

Company search has been improved.
As you start typing a company’s name, a list of suggestions matching your input will appear, including the city and identification number for each company.
This will help you selecting the right company in case several companies wear the same name.

3. Web /Bug correction: Processing technique characters length

There was an issue causing a 500 error when processing technique descriptions exceeded 255 characters has been resolved. 

The character length of this specific field is now unlimited.

Updated on June 19, 2024
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